Opening Hours

  • Hours/10:00 - 19:00
  • Address/Zip 080-8677/1 Banchi Nishi 2 Jo Minami 8-chome, Obihiro, Hokkaido
  • Phone/0155-24-2101

Floor Guide

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Obihiro City Citizens’ Culture Center


Restaurants and Entertainment


Children's Clothing, Jewelry, Books


Home and Housewares,Kimonos

  • Duty Free Counter

Menswear, Sports Goods

Indoor Walkway to Parking


Young and Career Women's Fashions


Misses Fashions, Classic Women's Fashions


Ladies' Fashions, Accessories and Gifts

Parking Entrance and Exit


Food Hall

Parking Entrance and Exit


Parking / Hours: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm


<Nearest Station>
・JR Obihiro Station
・10 minute walk from the station

<By Car>
・JR Sapporo Station to JR Obihiro Station
Takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes
・JR New Chitose Airport to JR Obihiro Station
Takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes

<From the airport>
・Tokachi-Obihiro Airport Shuttle Bus
Obihiro Airport - > Obihiro Station Bus Terminal (40 min.)
takes about 10 min. on foot from the station.

Service Information

For customers with small children:

  • Diaper changing facilities are located in ladies' restrooms from B1 – 7th floor
  • Strollers and shopping
    strollers and shopping carts are available for complimentary rental on B1 . 4F and 6F
  • Children's restroom is located on the 6th floor
  • Baby rest facilities are located in the 6th floor "Baby Room"

For customers arriving by car:

  • 1 hour free parking with any purchase of 1 yen or more
  • 2 hours free parking with any purchase of 2.000 yen or more
  • 3 hours free parking with any purchase of 10.000 yen or more
  • ※Valid only for parking on date of purchase
  • ※Free parking time is dependent on amount of purchases

Claiming a Tax Refund

Travelers visiting Japan for less than six months may receive a tax refund on any eligible items purchased in Japan to be brought out of the country (consumable items must also be purchased less than 30 days before departure to be eligible).

Items Eligible for a Tax Refund

General commodities:clothing,shoes,bags and sundries. Consumable items:foods,beverages and cosmetics.

    Minimum and Maximum Eligible Monetary Value

    • General commodities:Total purchase price of merchandise from our duty-free sellers per day:greater than ¥5,000(Tax excluded)
    • Consumable items:Total purchase price of merchandise from our duty-free sellers per day:greater than ¥5,000 and less than ¥500,000(Tax excluded)
    • Caution:I calculate the general article and expendable supplies separately.


    • General commodities:Please be sure to bring the items abroad within six months of your arrival in japan.
    • Consumable items:Please be sure to bring the items abroad within 30 days of purchase.
      Do not open the desinated bags prior to leaving the country.
      Do not remove the stamped sticker.

    Procedure for Receiving a Refund (duty-free counter,10:00-18:50)

    1. After purchasing all items at the checkout counters located in their respective floors,go in-person to the fifth-floor duty-free counter before closing on the same day.
    2. Provide (1) the passport of the person who made the purchase and (2) the purchased items together with their receipts. The name on the passport or card must match the name of the person who will receive the tax refund.
    3. Sign the duty-free purchase agreement. We will then attach the purchase records to the visa in your passport.
    4. Your tax refund will be paid to you in cash according to the conditions set forth above.
    5. When you depart Japan,you will be required to present your passport in order to check your purchase records against your duty-free items.
    • Caution:Consumables will be placed in a designated bag at the duty-free counter. Please do not open this bag prior to your departure.(Please be aware that the refund procedure may require some time).
    • *If your purchases meet the terms for a tax refund,we will begin the process of issuing a refund.

Credit cards accepted

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  • card_amex
  • card_master
  • card_visa
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